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“When looking for a church, it’s important to know if they offer multiple services throughout the week or only a handful on Sunday morning (those 8:00 AM services can be quite difficult to get to sometimes). After that, I investigate the church’s method of worship to make sure it aligns with my family’s more traditional beliefs and might even listen to sample recordings of the pastor’s sermons from that church if available online. Overall, the most important thing I look for in a church is the quality and sincerity of the church’s leadership as that will be the one I look to the most for spiritual guidance.” - Mark Burrow, 28

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San Antonio has more than 800 churches and 58 denominations within its great city. Try to narrow down your search by selecting a denomination from the dropdown below. You can see more information about the church by clicking the name in the table.

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San Antonio is a big city with more than 60 zipcodes to choose from. Once you have found your church from the table above, you can see where it's located. Select the zipcode and click the pin. Zoom in, zoom out, find where you are and see where you can go!

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The Big 5 of San Antonio

Check out the top five denominations in San Antonio ranging from 49 to 189 churches.

How does your side of town look?

With more than one million people sprinkled throughout the seventh largest city in the U.S., churches can be a dime a dozen. But the top five are present in all regions throughout the city. Select a region in San Antonio to see how the top 5 denominations break down.